Essex To Examine Waiving Commercial Development Fees

Ward 1 Councillor Randy Voakes wants fees for commercial development waived in Essex.

Voakes says industrial fees are already waived by the town and not extending that courtesy to commercial development is a missed opportunity.

"There's opportunity for commercial growth and it's my position that we should be on par with the industrial development charges," he says. "We should be waiving the commercial fees."

Voakes says it would have little impact on the town's bottomline.

"In terms of financial impact, it will be minimal.  We're not talking about residential growth where there's site plans approving four or five hundred homes," says Voakes. "You're talking about an isolated event periodically throughout the year."

Voakes says he's encountered some dual use properties that could benefit from the move.

"There's one file where the business is looking at expanding their commercial space, but if they were to develop their industrial growth in the same building they wouldn't have to pay," he says.

A report detailing any financial impacts, if any, will be brought to council in early 2018.