Essex To Waive Development Fees On Affordable Housing Projects

Essex is looking to fill a need for affordable housing across the municipality.

In an effort to spark the interest of developers, council has approved a bylaw to waive development fees on affordable housing projects.

There are currently 423 families or individuals on the central housing registry wait list in Essex.

The town's Director of Infrastructure and Development Chris Nepsy says the need grows every year.

"There's a need for affordable housing, not just in the Town of Essex, within the whole county. So we're looking for developers that want to apply for the Investment In Affordable Housing For Ontario and we're trying to entice them by eliminating the municipal portion of the development charges on those types of housing."

He says residents look to affordable housing for several reasons.

"There's a need, definitely, whether is be single parent families or elderly families that are looking to get out of their home, get out of the responsibility and move into something that has that support around it. The price points aren't there. So this allows them that opportunity."

Nepsy says they're hoping this provides the final push to get more shovels in the ground.

"The waiving of the municipal portion of the development fees is in effect today. So the doors are open. Anything that can make it more affordable for them to construct these developments is a positive and we're hoping that by doing this we entice some of them to come to the Town of Essex."

Across Windsor-Essex, more than 4,400 families or individuals are waiting for affordable housing.