Essex Town Councillor Issues Apology to CUPE Local 2974

An Essex town councillor has issued an apology to CUPE Local 2974.

In a statement posted online, Sherry Bondy apologized for her actions during the 231 day Essex County library strike and said going forward she will respect the bargaining committee and not interfere in the bargaining process.


Photo courtesy of CUPE Local 2974's Twitter page

CUPE Local 2974 spokesperson Lori Wightman says she's pleased with the apology which she says is in response to some comments and actions Bondy took during the strike. "She was very vocal in the last half of the strike, in public and on her Facebook page, and that created a little bit of a problem for the union and its members.  It was a little bit hurtful and we believe damaged our position."

"The apology doesn't change what happened but it's a good start" says Wightman. "Our members were very hurt by Sherry's actions.  As everybody knows, being on strike is emotional and hard, and to have one of your own work actively against you creates a whole other issue for our members."

Wightman says Bondy was required to post the apology on her Facebook page, CUPE Local 2974's Facebook page, the Essex County Library Patrons page and in the Essex Free Press.

Bondy is an Essex County Library worker and works out of the Harrow and Essex branches.

Calls by AM800 News to Bondy were not returned.