Essex Warden Bain Not Seeking Job Again

There will be a new person sitting in the warden's chair for Essex County in the next term of office.

After nearly nine years over three terms, Warden Tom Bain has decided not to seek the position again.

Bain says it's very busy holding down the mayor's job in Lakeshore and being warden as well.

Bain says the role is time consuming.

"I'm on the go sometimes 7 days a week with being mayor and warden," says Bain. "We have a lot of capable mayors and deputy mayors in the county and I think as far as warden goes I'll be turning the baton over."

Bain says he rarely gets time to spend with his family right now.

"On a number of occasions, especially you think of the weekends as being free that's actually when you're busiest," explains Bain. "You have a number of invitations 2-3 possibly a night and you have to get people to cover a lot of other events for you."

Bain says eliminating the county's debt is his most important accomplishment in the office.

"We are one of the few in all Ontario who are debt free and it's a great accomplishment, certainly not one I did single handedly," says Bain. "It could never have been done without the work of County Council and even more importantly administration."

Bain says while he won't run for the warden's chair again he is still considering a run as Lakeshore's mayor in the fall.

He points out he's now in his 40th year as an elected official.