ETFO Upset as Teachers Scramble to Learn New Sex-Ed Curriculum

AM800-Adelina Cecchin-ETFO-local-president-April-2017

Earlier this week, the provincial PC's introduced a revised sex education curriculum for elementary students.

Teachers now have just over a week to digest the massive 320-page document to be ready to teach the new content when classes resume in less than two weeks.

This from the local president of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario Adelina Cecchin who says there's no question it's going to be a challenge and says the move is unfair to educators.

"What it's going to do is it's going to leave people running and making sure that they have the training and the resources and even the actual document itself," says Cecchin. "So yes, it's going to be a lot of scrambling and getting ready. Ultimately it is our responsibility to implement, but the short changing of this time is not fair or respectful."

In an interview with AM800 News, Cecchin says teachers will ensure students aren't impacted by the lack of preparation time.

"They're going to be professional and they're going carry this path forward," she says. "I don't think students will be disadvantaged. They're going to continue to receive quality teaching from our teachers, but the ultimate thing for me is really ensuring that teachers do have that time so that they can prepare as thoroughly as they need to."

She says there's been more than enough time to get the new curriculum in place, but the PC's choose to drop it at the last minute.

"It was about a year ago in terms of this government scrapping what was in place. So it's been a year that we've been waiting for this revised curriculum. We're now getting it a week and a half before school starts and teachers are being asked to implement that and make sure that they're doing a good job in terms of delivering this for student learning."

The new policy retains many elements of the document that was in place under the former Liberal government and which the Progressive Conservatives vowed to overhaul when they took office.

It still features mandatory lessons on concepts like gender identity and sexual orientation.


— With files from AM800's Peter Langill