Expansion Plans Approved For A Windsor Library

A boost for south Windsor library users.

The Windsor Public Library Board has approved a 6,000 sq. ft. addition to the existing Budimir Library branch on Grand Marais Rd. W. near Dominion Blvd.

Library CEO Kitty Pope says Budimir is one of the busiest branches in the city and users have been asking for more space for a number of years. "We'll have 23 parking spots because that's always an issue out there," says Pope. "It's such a busy branch but it will give more people space and that's what our customers been telling us for years, got lots of resources but we just don't have enough room."

The renovations will begin in November or December.

"It will likely take four or five months to complete because we need to stay open," says Pope. "South Windsor needs it library, we don't have a luxury to be able to close it and move somewhere else.  We'll have Fred out there to carry some of the overload but we will be open so we'll be kind of living in a construction zone for about six months.  I hope our customers can be patient." 

The budget for the expansion is over $2.1-million however the estimated price tag came in over $2.26-million.

Pope says some modifications will be made to get to the budgeted price.