Expert Says Car Travelling At 112 km/h In Amherstburg Pedestrian Death

The trial of an Amherstburg man has heard from a traffic reconstruction expert about the vehicle involved in a fatal crash.

24-year-old Brandin Crosier pleaded not guilty to criminal negligence causing death in the November 2016 crash that killed 30-year-old Adam Pouget who was skateboarding to work.

OPP Constable Mark Japp was called to the by Amherstburg police to the crash scene on County Rd. 18 near Meloche Rd.

The accident reconstructionist was asked to gather data from the air-bag module which collects vehicle data for five seconds before the airbags deploy.

Constable Japp told the court that he was able to calculate the speed the car was going when it hit Pouget. He testified the car was accelerating at the time of the collision, travelling at 112.6 km/h, and that the data showed the brake pedal had not been touched before the crash.

Constable Japp was cross-examined about the reliability of the data and responded that the other physical evidence from the scene gave him confidence in the numbers.

The trial continues.