Extreme Cold Warning Ended

An Extreme Cold Warning has been lifted but that's not the end of the bitterly cold weather.

Environment Canada is still forecasting the temperature to drop to double digit lows the rest of the work week but feeling even colder with the wind chill factored in.

The low could hit -20C Thursday night and -21C Friday night.

Meteorologist Yolph Mengesha says you'll still need to bundle up. "The cold spell will continue until the weekend. We're expecting Sunday to Monday near normal temperatures, even if we go up to 1C for Monday. But for the rest of the week, the cold spell will continue.

"Starting Sunday we start to see a temperature near normal. We're anticipating a warm flow from the United States to come and warm up a little bit," says Mengesha.

While the cold is expected to ease by Sunday or Monday, the forecast is calling flurries to start next week.