Faculty At U of W To Receive Training To Deal with Sexual Violence (AUDIO)

A new training program has been launched at the University of Windsor to help professors and coaches deal with sexual violence in the event a student confides in them.

The program was developed because faculty are often the first to hear about sexual violence from students and research shows many feel unprepared to help.

The three-hour workshop was developed through the University's Office of Student Affairs to give staff some tools if they are approached by an assault survivor.

Associate Vice President of Student Experience Ryan Flannagan says it is natural for a student to confide in a professor.

"It is based on trust, it is who they trust on campus," says Flannagan. "We need to make sure that we really have good training in place to make sure we do all the right things and not the wrong things when they do come forward."

Part of the training will include different ways that a student may deal with the assault and to make sure faculty don't try and solve the situation for them.

Although the workshops are not mandatory, Flannagan expects a lot of staff will attend them.

The first workshop takes place March 28th.