Families Pack LaSalle's Waterfront For Family Fishing Day

Nearly 150 people took part in the second annual Detroit River Family Fishing Day.

That's according to The Detroit River Canadian Clean Up's Gina Pannunzio.

Part of the focus is on what fish are safe to eat, according to Pannunzio.

"Fish consumption advisories are a Great Lakes issue. We have information that can help guide people to make the right healthy choices for themselves and their families depending on which fish they're targeting and what they'd like to eat or put back in the river," she says.

The free event featured expert anglers to teach residents how to fish and educate them about what the river has to offer. 

She says the day is also about showing the public just how far the Detroit River clean-up has come.

"Having the opportunity to fish safely and learn about the fish in the Detroit River and all the great things that 30-years of progress has done for the river," added Pannunzio.

The town of LaSalle, The Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, and the University of Windsor also backed the event.