Family Endowment Improves Care Of Cancer Patients At WRH

Make it a dozen oncology nurses at Windsor Regional Hospital who have been recognized with a Daniel Johnson Memorial Education Endowment.

For the 6th year, members of the Johnson family have presented funds to create enhanced educational opportunities for nurses on the floor.

This year, Megan Hennin and Kristin Smith are being honoured with the endowment.

Johnson's sister Catherine Falzone says it's a positive way for them to mark the anniversary of his passing:  "it can be a very emotional time and it can be a time of almost grieving for our loss rather than look at it as a time you want to avoid we're looking at it as a time we want to embrace"

Smith says the award means a lot: "you come to work every day and you try 100-percent to provide these family and patients, to help them with a better quality of life and relieve these symptoms, it's nice to be recognized and we have helped, it feels good"

Hennin says the education they'll take part in really helps: "yeah, it helps us to be more educated in the areas of pain and symptom management and to help those suffering to make their journey a little easier"


Crédit photo: Award winners of the Daniel Johnson Endowment Fund (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

Johnson died of cancer and his family wanted to recognize the care he received from the oncology staff.