Family Friend Starts Go Fund Me Page For Son Of A Windsor Murder Victim

A family friend of a Windsor murder victim is asking for the public's help.

Travis Reitsma has started a Go Fund Me page and looking to raise money for Gavin Sherwin.

Gavin is the 10-year-old son of Autumn Taggart who is also known as Maya Madolyn.

Taggart was killed in June at an apartment building on University Avenue West near McKay Ave.

Reitsma says Gavin is now living with his father Chris and his partner Krystle.

He says it's been a tough couple of months financially for the family.

"The change to the family dynamic has caused Gavin's father Chris to have to change their employment situation and they're having a really tough time making ends meet with Gavin being at home all summer," says Reitsma.  "We're just trying to get them over that hump to get them back into September, October to financial solvency."   

Windsor police continue to investigate the murder. and are looking for a newer, dark coloured SUV that was parked behind the apartment building.

Taggert, 31, died of blunt force trauma — her son was in the apartment at the time of the murder.