FCA About To Lay Out Five Year Plan

A major, day-long event for FCA is taking place in Italy tomorrow.

It's called the "Capital Markets Day" and was held five years ago at the Auburn Hills FCA headquarters.

It's also the final one of these to be presided over by retiring C.E.O. Sergio Marchionne.

Canadian auto analyst Dennis Desrosiers says we can expect to hear a lot about future vehicles the company plans to launch.


Auto analyst Dennis Desrosiers (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"Chrysler has been struggling for the last couple of years because they're at the end of their product cycle and therefore they need a lot of initiative on the product side and I'm expecting them to use this opportunity to talk about the products"

Desrosiers says this will be an overview with little chance we'll hear specific plans for Windsor Assembly.

"I don't think in this kind of event they get that granular, where they would talk about a specific country and certainly not about a specific plant or group of plants.  I think the broad strokes would give the market some assurance that they're going to be around"

He expects Sergio Marchionne will hope to put his mark on the company.


FCA President Serfio Marchionne speaking at the NAIAS in Detroit, January 15, 2018 (Photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

"This is probably his most important, because he is on his way out and if he wants to have a longer term impact he kind of has to finalize where he wants his company to go and that's going to be laid out with the big event on Friday"

On the succession plan after Marchionne leaves, Desrosiers is less certain.

He points out FCA is a global company with many talented executives world-wide.

But Desrosiers says his money is on FCA Canada President and C.E.O. Reid Bigland, who also been head of the Alfa brand, led US sales and has been involved with the Waymo partnership.