FCA Canada President is Suing the Automaker

Fiat Chrysler's U.S. sales chief is suing the company, alleging that it withheld 90% of his pay package in 2018  because he testified in a U.S. government inquiry into sales reporting practices.

Reid Bigland, who is also the President and CEO of FCA Canada based in Windsor, alleges that the company violated Michigan's Whistleblower Protection Act because he testified before the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company allegedly withheld Bigland's long-term incentive stock payout, special dividends and an annual bonus in retaliation for his testimony and because he sold some stock.

According to documents, the dividends alone are worth about $1.8 million

The lawsuit was filed May 24 in a state court in Pontiac, Michigan but FCA wants to move it to the federal courts.

Fiat Chrysler says the board's compensation committee still needs to determine whether Bigland met company and personal performance conditions.

With files from MetroSource