FCA Workers Boost Sparky's Toy Drive

The Windsor firefighters Sparky's Toy Drive got a huge boost from the workers at the Windsor Assembly Plant.

The FCA Canada facility has contributed to the holiday toy drive for 15 years, filling a total of 80 minivans with around $200,000 worth of toys.

This year 8 Chrysler Pacificas named for Santa's reindeer and outfitted with antlers, were filled with $25,000 worth of toys.

Plant Manager Michael Brieda says the workers don't stop at donating the toys.


Minivan plant manager Michael Brieda (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"Beyond collecting toys over the last few years," says Brieda "many us from the plant including myself and many of us behind me here have taken our commitment one step further to no t just collecting but volunteering along with the Windsor fire department and rescue service to distribute the toys directly to the families in need throughout the community"

Unifor Local 444 President James Stewart says the donation demonstrates the generosity of the workers.

"I'll give a boost to the people at the Windsor Assembly Plant" said Stewart "because every year we raise money for those in need the plant was down for a month in October and we come out of that and we're breaking records making sure people like the Sparky's Toy Drive are receiving what they need"


Sparky receives toys from FCA Windsor workers (by AM800's Peter Langille)

Sparky's Toy Drive Coordinator Sean Costello says this donation is critical to what they do.

"We couldn't do what we do without the help of Fiat Chrysler and their generosity" says Costello "they're such a big part of this toy drive and we could not do it effectively without them, so a big thank-you to their generosity"

The loaded minivans paraded out the plant gate, led by a Windsor Fire Truck and to the "thumbs-up" of Sparky.