Fee Increases Approved At UWindsor

The cost of tuition is going up at the University of Windsor.

On Tuesday, the university's Board of Governors approved the increase for the 2017-18 school year as well as the 2018-19 school year.

University President Dr. Alan Wildeman says the increase for domestic enrolment is 3% but adds professional programs will see a 5% hike.

He says international students will also see an increase but that will also vary by program.

Dr. Wildeman says some increases for international students are higher than domestic enrolment.

"We are very careful not to get ourselves also out of range in what other institutions are doing and we continue to try to benchmark ourselves against those because it's very important and we certainly understand the concerns about tuition costs.  These are obviously front of centre for everybody," says Wildeman.

The board also approved increases for meal plans and resident services.

The projected enrolment for this fall is just under 15,500 students.  

Wildeman says 77% of the university's budget is for salary, wages and benefits.