Feeding Windsor Expands to West Side

A local community meal program is expanding.

The group 'Feeding Windsor' recently announced, starting July 4, it will begin providing a weekly meal at St. John's Anglican Church in west Windsor.

Ward 2 Councillor Fabio Costante says it's about more than just providing food.

"This is a way to build community around food. Let food be the reason why people come here but ultimately we're going to build community and build a sense of neighbourhood and a sense of community that perhaps didn't exist in the past."

Feeding Windsor Project Coordinator Rodger Fordham says, in the past, the program has undeserved the west end.

"It became apparent to us that the need is so great that we put a real push on to roll out programming in the west end."

Fordham says they're hearing from the people they serve that things are getting more difficult.

"Every month is just growing. The demand is growing as rents go up and as food costs go up and the number of people living on support."

The program already provides free breakfast, lunch and dinner four days a week at multiple other locations across the city, serving upwards of 8,000 residents.

Fordham hopes to expand further in west Windsor with two more locations by the end of the year.