Festeryga Picked to Represent Liberals in Essex


The Liberals have found their candidate in the riding of Essex.

Audrey Festeryga will represent the party in this fall's federal election after being acclaimed on Friday.

She previously represented the riding in the last federal election, but finished third behind the NDP's Tracey Ramsey and the Conservatives Jeff Watson.

Festeryga says despite being defeated in the last election, she wanted to run again.

"I had a number of people who said to me listen you just beat cancer, I'm five years cancer free, you've just beat cancer, take a break, sit back, why are you doing this and really it's very important to me to give back to this community," says Festeryga.    

She says she's ready to be the MP for Essex.

"There is such a whole in this community as far as representation that I needed to do this so it was not a tough decision," says Festeryga.  

Festeryga says she's excited to represent the party and riding.

"We're pumped, we're absolutely pumped," says Festeryga.  "We've been knocking on doors and there's a buzz, there's a really really positive buzz.  There's momentum building."    

Festeryga is a lawyer from from Leamington.

Ramsey is the current MP and is seeking re-election while Chris Lewis is running for the Conservatives and Bill Capes is the candidate for the People’s Party of Canada.

The federal election is October 21.