Few Answers On Flooding From Ontario Municipal Affairs Minister


Ontario's Minister of Municipal Affairs has met with people in Windsor over the impact of flooding in their neighborhoods.

Bill Mauro also met with Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens, Warden Tom Bain and a few other mayors this morning.

He says the province's Disaster Relief program is not intended to replace home insurance for flooding.

Mauro does not expect any change in the relief program immediately, but possibly down the road.

"before I was public in terms of my comments about insurance being readily available, I had my staff check" said Mauro,  "I don't just throw that line out there.  It's our understanding that private insurance is still readily available there may be individual insurers who are no longer providing it but we're told that it is still readily available in the province of Ontario"

Mauro says preventing flooding in the future will involve better planning and a current review of the building code may lead to improvements in preventing flooding.

He says there may be some adjustment of the boundaries for the flood relief coverage as more people report in to their municipality.


You can find out if you are in an area that qualifies for the Ontario Disaster Relief Program by checking the maps posted at AM800CKLW.com