FINA Diving World Series Drawing Fans From Afar

Divers are riding high in downtown Windsor, at least 10 metres high.

The ten-metre platform diving competition is just one event from the Windsor International Aquatic Centre Saturday afternoon from the International Swimming Federation's, or "FINA", Diving World Series, and it drew in some out of town fans.

Paige Hunt made her way all the way from Ohio. 

Hunt's a former diver at Ohio State University, and currently a coach.

The 26-year-old told AM800 News it's hard to compare the facility to larger venues, but that might be part of the pools charm.

"Just the seating is very nice, it's actually on the side because for a lot of pools it's not beside the ten-metre [platfom] and the spring boards. It's better access for spectators, it's definitely a plus," says Hunt.

She says going to watch diving is fun, but with a world class facility at Ohio State she can attend diving competitions at home.

Canada's own Olympic Medalist Meaghan Benfeito was one of many accomplished divers competing Saturday.

One of the reasons Hunt says she traveled to Windsor.

"It's on a different level. elite divers, international divers that you don't see everyday," the former Buckeye says. "The lighting around the pool is great here, the sound, it's beautiful."

Canadian Shane Miszkiel, met Hunt half way to take in the series.

The pair were teammates at Ohio State.

Miszkiel, now retired from competitive diving, is living in Toronto by way of Victoria B.C..

He says diving centres like Windsor's are hard to come across, but "once they're built they will attract competitors and spectators."

The FINA Diving World Series continues Sunday beginning at 10 am.

Closing ceremonies begin at 6 pm at the WIAC.