Final Withdrawal Numbers At St. Clair College--1,232 Students Dropped Out

It's a $3.6-million financial loss to St. Clair College.

The final numbers are in on the number of students who have withdrawn due to the five-week faculty strike.

Associate Vice President of Student Services and Registrar Mike Silvaggi says 1,232 students have submitted withdrawal applications.

He says it won't cause any layoffs and the withdrawals are "sprinkled across all programming."

Students who dropped out by Tuesday afternoon would receive their tuition back.

Silvaggi says workload is the main reason for the withdrawal.

"I just lost momentum," heard Silvaggi.  "Being five weeks out, the mind wanders and whether it is work sets in or just motivation is no longer there."

Silvaggi does expect some of those students will start fresh in January.

"We know that of the 1,200, that a percentage will be returning and we are forecasting growth in our international enrollment for our January start programs," he says.

Faculty at Ontario colleges went on strike to back contract demands, but the province stepped in and tabled back to work legislation, forcing them back to class a few weeks ago.

--With files from AM800's Patty Handysides