Fireworks Storage Facility Comes Back to Essex Council

A zoning decision could be on the way for a property storing fireworks in Essex.

According to a report presented to council, fireworks are being stored amongst homes and farmland in 26 shipping-containers on 6th Concession near the intersection with Johnson Rd., and they have been for years.

Council convened a special meeting earlier this month but decided to have administration look deeper into what will be needed to make a clear decision on zoning the farmland for its current use.

If approved, a 15,000-sq.ft. barn would be erected and the shipping containers would be reduced to two.

Mayor Larry Snively did some door knocking and says many neighbours share the same concern.

"Is he going to follow the rules? I assured them if it wasn't followed it would be shut down," he says. "He should have come for rezoning seven-years-ago instead of letting it go. That's where a lot of neighbours are upset and then all of a sudden he comes back and asks for rezoning."

Snively says it's hard to say which way councilors will vote.

"Some of them could live with but some of them said they don't want it ... It's going to be a close vote to be honest with you," adds Snively.

He says an explicit set of conditions is something most councillors would get behind.

"If it's rezoned for the storage of fireworks that's what it's got to be and that's the only use it can be."

A report going before council on Monday recommends approving the zoning, but on the condition the town signs-off on the site-plan for the building.