Fireworks Storage on Essex Property to be Debated by Council

A property that's been storing fireworks amongst homes and farmland in Essex is up for rezoning — the problem is — they've already broken the rules.

Victor and Deborah Anber store fireworks in 26 shipping-containers on 6th Concession, near the intersection with Johnson Rd. They want to build a 15,000-sq.ft. barn to reduce the number of containers sitting in a wooded area at the back of the property, but there would still be more than the two that are currently allowed by law.

Now council has to decide whether to allow the construction of the building and how many containers they'll let the property owners get away with.

The nearest home is hundreds of feet away, but residents are still concerned, according to Ward 3 Councillor Chris Vander Doelen.

"Not just a rural area, but it's our residential area even if it's rural and we don't want these explosive things stored near our homes and that's a legitimate complaint," he says. "Just because an area is rural doesn't mean you can do whatever you want out there, you have to have conforming uses that are compatible with your neighbours and this may not be a compatible use."

Vander Doelen tells AM800 News council should hear the Anber's out, but it's better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission shouldn't apply.

"I've already suggested to some of the other councillors that perhaps he should have to conform first before he expands," says Vander Doelen. "We might have to go backwards before we go forward with this application."

The Anber's will plead their case in a special meeting at 5pm Monday night.

Council's regular meeting will begin at 6pm.