First Deputy Mayor Candidate Steps Forward In Essex

The Town of Essex has its first candidate seeking the deputy mayor's seat.

Current ward two councillor and deputy mayor Richard Meloche has filed his nomination papers.

It's a change for the four time council member as he is running for the deputy's mayor's position for the first time instead of the ward 2 seat.

Meloche has been appointed as deputy mayor by the council of the day the past three terms but last September the current council agreed to have the position voted in at large by the community.

Meloche says he enjoys being on council.

"It's something that I've had a little bit of practice at," says Meloche.  "The role will change just a tiny bit because it's going to focus more on county issues that concern the town now that it's a deputy mayor role entirely."  


Town of Essex Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche chairs the regular meeting of council on March 5, 2018. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

He adds campaigning will be different this time around.

"When you live in a particular ward it's a little bit more comfortable just running in that ward I think," says Meloche.  "The whole region at large, again a lot more doors to knock on."

The nomination period closes on July 27th.

The municipal election is October 22nd.