Fish Flies Halt Pelee Islander II Ferry

AM800-News-Pelee Islander II-October 15-2017

Fish flies have thrown a monkey wrench in plans for those taking the Pelee Islander II this Canada Day Weekend.

Officials tweeted "the engine cooling water system is being obstructed by fish flies. We have tried to stay ahead of it but now we need to take the ship out of service to flush out the system; the Jiimaan is being prepped for service" around 12pm Sunday.

The Pelee Islander will leave Leamington at 3pm and 7pm Sunday with the Jiimaan Ferry providing backup service to Pelee Island.

No word on when the 399 passenger and 34 car capacity vessel will resume service, but officials say they will provide an update later in the day via social media.

The Pelee Islander II was launched in April of this year — it cost more than $40-million.