Fisherman Charged After Letting Fish Become Unsuitable For Human Consumption

A Wheatley captain has been fined for commercial fishing violations.

Bobby Cabral pleaded guilty was fined $6000 for letting the flesh of fish become unsuitable for human consumption and an additional $1200 for failing to declare accurate weights on his daily catch reports.

In a release, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry says court heard there were two separate investigation.

The first investigation began in late July 2016 and ended in early August 2016.

A conservation officer with the Southern Marine Enforcement Unit conducted the investigation and it was determined Cabral allowed approximately 11,000 pounds of smelt to spoil while trawling out of Port Dover.  

Then between August 11th, 2016 and September 7th, 2016, MNRF says while trawling out of the Port of Erieau, Cabral failed to declare accurate smelt weights on his daily catch reports for six separate days resulting in a difference of just over 13,000 of pounds between the declared weight to the actual weight of the fish caught.

The case was heard in Simcoe court on April 13th.