Fitness Fury Request On Hold In Essex

A request for financial help for a new business looking to open in Essex has been put on hold.

'Fitness Fury' wants the town to pick up the cost of water, waste water and hydro hook-ups and reduce the rent, a request worth about $23,000.

Mayor Ron McDermott is worried about setting a precedent, while other say the move could be seen as 'bonusing,' which is illegal under the Municipal Act.

But councillor Randy Voakes doesn't buy either argument, saying there's a lack of will to move the town forward. "When I see good willed, good minded, good hearted people wanting to enhance the opportunities for the community be turned down on such small considerations, I just don't get it."

Councillor Bill Caixeiro does not believe approving the request from the gym and fitness studio would be an appropriate move by the town. "Give me three examples where council has done this in the past? Where we've hooked up water and sanitary sewer for another business? If you can give me three examples of that, I'll listen."

The town now plans to ask the Ministry of Municipal Affairs if the gym's request is allowed.

Fitness Fury is looking to set-up a building on town land and is renting the property.

The business was encouraged to apply for funding under the Community Improvement Plan, where it could qualify for an estimated $11,000.