Five Month Backlog Awaits Applicants For Windsor's Basement Flooding Subsidy Program

Just a handful of flooded basements in Windsor due to the rain over the last few days.

City Engineer Mark Winterton says there were four calls as of Tuesday morning.

He is still encouraging residents to apply for the city's Basement Flooding Subsidy Program which cover up to $2,800 for the installation of back flow valves and sump pumps.

So far, the city has received 4,800 applications. 

3,450 of them requested the standard inspection while 1,350 opted for the fast-track program which allows people to proceed with the work quicker.

"We are issuing permits, virtually same day when they come in," says Winterton. "So you can get moving on that right away so anybody who has gone through the fast track process, they are able to get their backwater valve installed immediately."

He says for those who prefer the inspection, there is still a backlog.

"You are still probably 5-6 months behind unfortunately. We have limited resources, there are only three people who are qualified to do the inspections and obviously you can only do so many in a day."

The fast-track option does not require a pre-inspection by a city inspector but a licensed plumber must perform a pre-conditions assessment before a building permit can be issued.