'Fixit Stations' Now Available For Windsor Cyclists

Local cyclists have a new resource throughout the city.

Six Windsor parks are being been outfitted with 'bike fixit stations' which include a pump, a stand and a number of tools to be used free of charge.

The stations come courtesy of CUPE Local 82 along with ward funds from councillors Rino Bortolin and Chris Holt.

Bortolin says it's all part of the city's commitment to safe cycling.

"It's a small token gesture by Councillor Holt and myself and the CUPE Community Fund," says Bortolin.  "The more that people are commuting and riding their bikes and seeing bike lanes and things become more popular, we want people to see that we are willing to put the infrastructure in and that they will be available in city parks for use for everyone."


New bike fixit station in Windsor (Photo courtesy of Councillor Rino Bortolin)

Bortolin says the stations at the riverfront are going to be well used.

"Thousands of people a day use those paths with their bikes. Inevitably, there will be a flat tire, a loose chain, a wobbly wheel and now you have two areas along the riverfront across that five kilometres where you can stop and actually do some repairs on your bike."

The fixit stations are currently offered at Jackson park, Optimist Park, Great Western Park, Bruce Park and at the riverfront near Caron Ave.

Two more stations will be installed at Willistead Park and Mitchell Park in the near future.

--with files from AM800's Peter Langille