Flood Warning Issued

A flood warning has now been issued by the Essex Region Conservation Authority.

ERCA advises that flooding is occurring along portions of the shoreline in Leamington, west of the tip of Point Pelee Park.

Along sections of the shoreline between Point Pelee National Park and the Leamington Marina, waves are overtopping breakwall structures. That's resulted in some property, road flooding  and shoreline erosion.

Portions of the western shoreline of Pelee Island are also being impacted by waves overtopping breakwall structures.

The forecast is calling for winds gusting at 50 possibly up to 80 km/h.

The public is advised to avoid these areas and anyone who must access these areas are advised to use extreme caution when traveling through floodwater.

Flowing water, standing water and waves overtopping shoreline breakwalls can be extremely dangerous.

Children, pets and livestock should be kept away from flowing water, standing water and shoreline/breakwall areas.