Flooding Concerns Growing on Pelee Island

It's shaping up to be a nerve-racking summer on Pelee Island which has been hammered by wind, waves and erosion.

Mayor Ray Durocher says at times, the West Shore Rd. has had to be partially closed as waves leave rocks on the roadway and wash over the asphalt.

"In the three spots that we put temporary repairs, part of the road had started falling into the lake," he says.

Durocher says drone surveillance also shows 37 breaches on the west side of the island where the water is past the armour stone and eroding the clay.

"So it's behind the stone, we have to make sure the water doesn't hit the land.  We have to prevent that," he says.     

Durocher says lake levels right now are higher than they were in 1972, when the island flooded and cottages were lost.

He told AM800's The Afternoon News that big problems are possible for the island.

"It just takes a strong storm and depending what direction it comes from, if it comes out of the west, we'll lose our west road which is the main thoroughfare to take the ferry and to get on and off the island," says Durocher.  "If it comes out of the east, it's going to wash away a couple cottages and flood the island."         

She says the island is hoping for some help from senior levels of government.