VIDEO: Residents Along the Thames River Remain Anxious

Even though there have been some improvements in the flood level and an ice jam along the Thames River in Chatham-Kent, residents remain concerned.

Among the most affected areas is along the section of the river near Poppe Road where Bill Buchanan lives.

He says the level has dropped a bit, but the dikes remain a concern.

"The water's down about 16-and-a-half inches.  And there's seepage and we've got a problem with one pump with water coming back through the pipe"

Buchanan says the ice jam hasn't really moved despite the lower water level.

"That's a giant ice cube sitting out there and you don't know what mother nature's going to do with it"

Jeff Miller lives across the road from a dike repair and admits he's a bit nervous.

"They brought probably 10-15 truckloads, he's basically put it all along the bank.  It seeped through and then was running down and toward the west.  So they brought a bunch of dirt in and they worked all day Saturday night and all day yesterday just trying to shore it up a little bit""

On Friday, a state of emergency was declared after the failure of a dike in the Tilbury area, with some evacuations issued as emergency repairs took place.

AM800-News-Thames River-Prairie Siding-February 11-2019

The ice jam along the Thames River near Prairie Siding Bridge in Chatham-Kent. February 11, 2019 (Photo by Peter Langille)

Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority Water Resources and Regulations Technician, Jason Homewood tweeted at 6:51am Monday that he had "monitored both the north and south sides of the river and spotted no major issues." He reported seeing "spots of seepage through the base of the dikes but they seem to be slowing down or stopping altogether."

He said that there is "no change in the water level at the Prairie Siding Bridge between 1am and 7am. Water elevation is still over 176-meters (coastal mean sea level) but it has dropped 0.73m (28.7-inches) in the last 24 hours."

Homewood also tweeted that there is "no change at the mouth in Lighthouse Cove. An ice jam still in place with open water in front of it and around the Federal Dock.

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent also issued at update on its Facebook page at 7:40pm Sunday. It stated the "Thames River water levels continue to drop which has reduced the pressure on the dikes and improved overall structural conditions. The ice jam remains stationary and now extends from the mouth of the river to the Prairie Siding Bridge. Two repairs are in process - one on the north and one to the south of the river. Minor water seepage continues to occur at the base of the dikes. Work to reinforce the base of the dike will restart {Monday} tomorrow morning at locations as required."

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority said on Friday that an ice jam formed at the Prairie Siding Bridge and caused flooding to low-lying areas.  It broke up and moved to the mouth of the river at Lighthouse Cove in Lakeshore where flooding is possible.