Flooding Tops The List At The First City Ward Meeting

It's been a tough couple of weeks for residents impacted by the recent flooding.

On Tuesday, residents living in the south Windsor area had the opportunity to share their concerns and ask questions to Ward 1 city councillor Fred Francis.

He was joined by mayor Drew Dilkens, other city councillors as well as city staff at the South Windsor Recreation Complex.

It was a packed house with many asking question and gathering information about the floods.

Ward 1 resident Daniel Ableser attended the meeting and wondered why LaSalle wasn't impacted as much as south Windsor.

"The mayor said tonight that 30 homes flooded in LaSalle and they had the most rain but it was not in areas that were as densely populated, while I don't think that's entirely accurate.  From where I live, a can hit a golf ball to homes in LaSalle and I can tell you more than 30 homes probably about 100 homes in my subdivision, in my street flooded."

David Reaume attended last night's meeting. He has lived in the 3600 block of Academy Drive for the last 53-years and says the past two weeks have been brutal.

He says despite major flooding in his basement, the insurance company has said they won't pay.

"We're on low income, I'm on disability, mother's really sick, she's older and the insurance company says the flooding that we have isn't covered under our policy which is it so we had to hire a lawyer which we can't afford."

Mayor Drew Dilkens spoke at the beginning of the meeting.

He outlined the city's eight point sewer action plan to address flooding.

Dilkens also stated the flood caused an estimated $175-million in damages to Windsor homes.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 6116 homes in the city have reported flooding.

The next weekend meeting is set for Thursday's night.  It's for Ward 7.