Fluoride Issue Returns to Tecumseh

The issue of fluoride in drinking water comes back to Tecumseh council Tuesday night.

Windsor council voted to return the cavity reducing material to the drinking water supply last December.  

Last month the final step was approved by city council and the matter now goes to Tecumseh or LaSalle since the decision requires at least one of the other municipalities using the supply to agree to fluoride. 

Tecumseh Councillor Andrew Dowie says there hasn't been any additional information to help councillors make a decision, so he doesn't know if a final decision will be made at the meeting. 

"At this point in time I don't have a lot more information in my hands now than I did at the time of the public meeting," says Dowie. "So I guess we will see what happens at town council, however it wouldn't surprise me if the matter were put aside once again"

Dowie notes many of the current councillors weren't sitting when the decision was made in 2012 to remove fluoride.

"We don't have the same information they had and we also don't know whether the science has changed," says Dowie. "We have heard from a lot of delegations but in terms of specifics as to whether the information received was accurate or not it still isn't resolved yet"

Dowie tells AM800 News he is getting a lot of feedback on the issue, but not from the local community.

"The vast majority of people interested in this issue are not residents.  Relatively few residents especially those in my ward haven't reached out to me," says Dowie.