Food Report Predicts Sharp Increase In Meat Prices

One local butcher is not surprised by the potential hike in meat prices. Ted Farron is owner of Farron's Gourmet Butcher Shop in south Windsor.

He says it's not a new trend and has been noticing increases in beef, pork and lamb for sometime. As heard on AM800 news this morning, the annual food report calls for a 7-9% increase in meat prices.

Farron says it seems like prices go up during the summer months.

"There's such a demand for good cuts of meat and there's always a demand for the cheaper cuts like they make ground beef out of," says Farron.  "Chucks and all that other stuff but the good cuts like the ribeyes, strips and filets, good cuts like that of beef are just going crazy."

Farron says he's been trying to hold back raising his prices.

"We've had some increases lately and we've increased the prices just very marginally but there's been no backlash so far.  We only buy the best so if it goes up, we'll go up as little as possible but we have to adjust our prices but our customers know that, that we're not going to drop our quality."

He says prices have gone up before due to meat shortages and labour disputes. 

The report also states, prices for dairy, eggs, bakery goods and cereals are expected to drop this year.... between one and three per cent.