Foodland Rings In 40 Years Of Supporting Ontario Produce

Foodland Ontario is celebrating a milestone.

The organization has been making it easier for families and consumers to identify and enjoy Ontario's locally-grown and harvested foods for 40 years.

By buying local, you are helping boost the economy, create good jobs and strengthen Ontario's agri-food sector.

This from Minister of Agriculture, Jeff Leal, who says recent trips overseas have shown him the reach the organization has.

"Foodland Ontario and the marketing reach that it has, certainly indicates to people that buying a product that has the endorsement of Foodland Ontario, that it's among the highest quality and safest food product that you can purchase today."

Leal says some core values have grown the reputation of Foodland Ontario into what it is today.

"Quality, freshness, safety, and encourages people when they're shopping to support our 52,000 family farms in the province of Ontario that produce over 200 commodities. Making Ontario the most diverse agricultural province in Canada today."

Making it easier to identify where a product is coming from is also another reason the organization has thrived, says Leal.

He say, it makes it easier to by local.

"Growing up going to the grocery store with my mom, I noticed people kind of just threw everything into the grocery cart . But what I notice today, and I'm sure you're noticing too, you go to a grocery store, everyone's looking at labels. They want to know what's in the product and they want to know where the product is coming from."

With the worlds population growing faster than ever, Leal says Foodland looks forward to spreading quality products grown in Ontario all over the globe for years to come.