Ford Government School Repair Clawback Costing Local Boards

The announcement from Ontario's new Premier that $100-million in school repair funding is being axed will have an impact locally.

Doug Ford announced the cancellation of the province's cap-and-trade program which paid for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund for the schools.

The cost to the Greater Essex County District School Board is $2.5-million, for the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board the allocation was nearly $840,000.


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Public board superintendent of Business Cathy Lynd says they're still taking a look at what projects will be impacted.

She says any contracts signed before July 3rd will go ahead.

Lynd says The funding was aimed at making schools more energy efficient.

"The eligible expenditures under this program were for things like high efficiency lighting, the L.E.D. lighting, also controls for heaters, H-VAC and other controls, high efficiency boilers and H-VAC systems"

She says the board may be able to re-allocate funds from other repair work to complete the energy efficiency projects.

"We're still looking at what we can do with the other funding that we received through the school condition improvement fund.  So for next year we have $22.7-million under that program which for school renewal can also be used for those types of things"

Catholic Board Chair Barb Holland says they are still assessing how the cancellation will impact the board..