Ford Nation Visits Windsor A Week Ahead Of Election

With less than a week to go until the provincial election, local Progressive Conservative supporters were given an up close and personal look at the party's leader.

Doug Ford made a stop in Windsor Thursday night speaking in front of a packed house at the Fogolar Furlan Club.

Ford touched on several issues including lowering hydro rates by 12% and cutting taxes by 20% for low and medium income families.

He told the crowd he's ready to lead the province.

"We will make sure that we blaze a new trail. A trail of prosperity, a trail of growth and opportunity for every single person in this province. The first thing we're going to do, we're going to reduce your hydro rates to put money back into your pocket."

Karen Gunby was at the rally and says it was great to see such a reaction for a PC candidate.

"I would never have believed that there would be that kind of energy for a PC candidate in Windsor. I definitely feel he's going to be our next premier and I'm really on pins and needles waiting for the election to see what's going to happen. I hope that it's good for the PCs."

While Jordan Pope isn't old enough to vote yet, he still came out to support Ford Nation.

"Young Ontarians, like ourselves, are looking for a brighter future. We see a lot of issues regarding maybe our tuition can get paid, but at the same time we're not going to be able to afford a house. When we're looking at certain issues like that I think that Doug Ford is really going to be able to be a fiscally responsible candidate. I think that's very important for our future."


Provincial PC leader Doug Ford meets with supporters in Windsor on May 31, 2018 (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

This was Ford's second stop in Windsor during his campaign and he's calling for a government overhaul.

"We're going to do a complete audit from top to bottom and look into the deepest, darkest corners of all the sole sourced deals that took place, the people making millions of dollars off the hard working taxpayers of this great province right here in front of me and we will clean up that mess."

Ford pledged the budget can be balanced and no one will lose their jobs.

"I'm going to emphasize this, I say it every single night, I'm going to say it again and again, no one will lose their job. Matter of fact, to the contrary, when the economy starts booming we're going to need more nurses, more doctors, more teachers because the economy is going to boom under the PC government."

26-year-old Mason Leschyna believes his generation would be in trouble under a Liberal or NDP government.

"The Liberal government has doubled, tripled our provincial debt and we really don't have anything to show for it other than our generation being saddled with that debt and being forced to pay it back. As much as I think the NDP have good intentions, I think that they're economic policy is very poorly thought out and is going to drive our economy further into the ground. The Conservatives are really the party that is going to be able to bring Ontario back."

Ford is taking on Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne and NDP leader Andrea Horwath.

The latest poll shows the PCs and NDP nearly in a dead heat heading into election day which is set for June 7.