Ford Retains Number 1 Sales Position

A 1% increase in total sales kept Ford of Canada ahead of all other automakers.

The automaker is listing a number of achievments from the 2017 sales year.

The company says Ford has been Canada's number one auto brand for the 9th year in a row.

It's also held the top sales number in Canada for the 2nd year running.

No surprise that the F-series is a key with the pickup being the best selling in the country for the 52nd year in a row.

"Consumers have given us their trust and confidence when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, making Ford the best-selling auto brand in Canada in 2017," said Mark Buzzell, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company of Canada.

Sales at the "blue oval" did fizzle a bit in December falling 11-percent below the last month of 2016.