Forecast Predicts Heat With Only A Short Break

The heat wave we're experiencing will continue for a couple more days.

Meteorologist Gerald Cheng says this oppressive heat will last until least late Thursday.

"30 C (86 F) or above and then night-time lows not getting below 20 C (68 F) degrees and that's been the problem since the start of this heat wave really," says Cheng. "What we found was that people are having a hard time even recuperating from this heat because the night-time lows are just not low enough"  

Environment Canada is suggesting a more comfortable weekend will lead us to more heat the following week.

Cheng says a cooler mass of air moves in from the Midwest later in the week.

"That will set us up for a more comfortable weekend where the night-time lows will get lower and at least it will be better for sleeping," says Cheng.

There is a chance of showers in the forecast tomorrow and storms are possible ahead of the cold front Thursday night.

Cheng says this heat is not isolated to the extreme southwest — parts of northern Ontario are getting scorched as well as other parts of the province.