Former Essex Councillor Picked Family Over Council Duties

A former Essex councillor put family first.

Bill Caixeiro is speaking out on the reasons behind his sudden resignation back in July 2017.

Caixeiro says between his full-time job at Chrysler, town council and committees, he wasn't spending enough time at home with his wife and four children.

"The resignation was basically for the purposes of trying to make sure I kept my home life in order. It wasn't that I had any push from my wife," he says.

He says he was exhausting every ounce of energy outside of his home life so when he was at home, he was short on patience.

"It was beginning to be almost as though I was living in a hotel when I was going home," he says. "I kinda saw that was the case and I felt if I wanted to stay a married person, I should change things and I felt it needed to be drastic."

Caixeiro admits the resignation was abrupt.

Back in July, in a letter to Essex town council, Caixeiro said he was resigning for "personal reasons" and asked for privacy.

This was his second term on council after being elected in 2014 following a stint on council from 2003 and 2006.

— with files from AM800's Gord Bacon