Former Kingsville Fire Chief Sentenced to Five Years in Prison


Kingsville's former fire chief is going to prison.

Bob Kissner, 63, has been sentenced to five years behind bars and will be placed on the Sexual Offender Registry for life.

After a trial,  Kissner was found guilty of five counts of sexual assault and four counts of sexual exploitation against four complaints.

From 2003 to 2016, the court heard Kissner would invite the complainants to his home where he would massage them and grope them.

Justice Pamela Hebner said Kissner abused his position of authority and took advantage of his position for his own self gratification.

Before being sentenced Thursday afternoon, Kissner told the court that, 'The truth is we are all imperfect and have made decisions that we regret."

He said he is a person of faith and this experience has not diminished his faith, but has increased it.

Outside the courthouse, one of his victims, who can't be identified because of a publication ban, said it is time to move on.

"It's Canada, it is what it is," he said.  "If this was the States, the sentence would be a lot more sufficient. Myself and the fellow victims, we lost our lives and five years isn't going to pay for all that we have lost."

He described Kissner as a very callous person who is remorseless. 

Kissner was arrested in December 2016 after one of the victims went to police. 

The crown had asked for a sentence of seven to eight years in prison arguing Kissner has shown no empathy for what the victims have gone through and used his position of authority to abuse them.

The defence asked for less than two years in jail saying the crimes were relatively minor as there was no penetration or intercourse.

Kissner faces more sex-related charges stemming from another complainant.  Those charges are still before the courts.