Former MP Says Lewis Could Win Essex Next Time

A former Conservative Essex MP who helped provincial candidate Chris Lewis believes he could win next time.

Jeff Watson came to Essex County early in the campaign to invigorate the supporters.

He says Lewis ran a great campaign.

"I have to tip my hat to Chris Lewis. Those who live in Kingsville know him well, the rest of the county didn't but look how well they embraced Doug Ford's message and Chris Lewis from my part I gave some advice here and there, fired up the activists to get out and work on the campaign."

Watson says he's amazed at the support for Lewis.

"It was a pretty historic showing, I mean 23,000 votes nearly.  I can tell you if you look back at previous federal election results I won with less than that on three occasions, so there's a lot to build on I think you can start the clock ticking on Taras Natyshak.  Four years from now he'll be gone."

He says the Conservative party has a strong opportunity in the riding next time.

"Whoever the PC candidate will be next time there's a tremendous amount of data and good spirit  and a real galvanized team that's ready to fight to take Essex back and get a seat back at that government table.  I think that's the opportunity that was missed by Windsor-Essex this time around."

Lewis finished second behind NDP incumbent Taras Natyshak in Thursday's vote.

Watson is offering one piece of advice to Lewis — enjoy your family and take the time to consider what to do next.