Former Pelee Island Mayor Dies

Residents on Pelee Island are in mourning.

Former Mayor Bill Krestel has passed away Monday at the age of 72 from failing health.

According to his niece's Facebook page,  she said her uncle did so much for the beloved island and he has passed on to a more peaceful place.

"Pretty devastating. Bill was a pretty amazing guy," says current Mayor Rick Masse."He got a lot of things done and some of the things he did get done, we're reaping the benefits today."

Masse says Krestel stood up for island residents for close to three decades.

"I can tell you one thing — he really cared about his community," says Masse. "He showed it by being part of council for, I believe over 27 years, which is amazing to me."

He remembers Krestel as being 'pretty feisty.'

"You got to appreciate a guy like that because there was no pussyfooting around him."

There has been no word on funeral arrangements.

--With files from AM800's Ricardo Veneza and Teresinha Medeiros