Former Spits' Coach Remembers Bonds At WESPYs

Former Windsor Spitfires assistant coach Rob Alderman is proof the WESPY Awards celebrate more than athletic achievement.

Alderman was recognized with the McTague Law Firm Award for Courage and Determination as he deals with recent health concerns.

He says his time in the sport has created strong bonds that has shaped his life more than he could have imagined.

Speaking on AM800's broadcast from the 12th annual WESPY Awards, Alderman says it's moving to see players he coached grow up.

"All them boys that knew me.  I was kind of a bit of a tough as nails kind of guy on them, but they'll see me a little soft tonight and I guess they knew I had a heart in me because that was a lot of it — teaching them boys how to be men, how to be good people."

Alderman says the WESPYS show how strong the Windsor-Essex community is.

"It's tough to keep it together, but special people, special community. That's why it is special here, it's because of the people. Doesn't matter where you go, you hear about these boys from Windsor," says Alderman.

He says he's learned as much or more than he passed on to the players he coached.

"They're special people and I've learned so much from the boys here, they taught me how to be a better man — a better man and a good father. Everyday. I still learn something from these guys," says Alderman.

He served as an assistant coach on the Spitfires bench between 1996 and 1998 before joining the Erie Otters scouting staff where he stayed for 18 years.