Former U.S Ambassador To Canada Calls Possible Great Lakes Restoration Cuts "Offensive"

The former U.S Ambassador to Canada calls a possible cut to Great Lakes restoration 'offensive.'

Bruce Heyman was one of the speakers at the Great Lakes Economic Forum at the Cobo Centre in Detroit.

"I think it is offensive to the citizens of this region," said Heyman. "It wasn't that long ago that Toledo had to stop bringing drinking water from Lake Erie as a result of algae blooms."

Heyman says 20% of the world's fresh water comes from the Great Lakes and 40-million people drink water from the Great Lakes.

Last month, U.S President Donald Trump said he was eliminating the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative as part of his administration's budget.

Heyman say it is very upsetting for this region.

"To sit down and say that we are not going to invest money in making sure that our Great Lakes are fresh and clean that it provides water not only for drinking, sporting and fishing, I think that is a huge mistake," Heyman told reporters.

The proposed budget initially would have seen the Great Lakes Restoration budget cut by 97% to about 10-million dollars, but Trump's administration revealed the program wasn't being funded at all.