Former Windsor Police Officer Sentenced On Drug Offence

A former Windsor Police officer is being fined $500 and is on probation for 18 months after pleading guilty to a drug offence.

34-year-old David Bshouty was initially charged with Trafficking in a drug, but pled guilty to counselling to trafficking.

It's from an incident in the Revival Lounge in downtown Windsor November 14th, 2014.

Bshouty was approached by an undercover officer for drugs, he then got a friend to deliver the "molly" to the officer.

Justice Michael McArthur called Bshouty's actions a "gross error in judgement" in imposing the sentence.

Bshouty's lawyer Evan Weber says his client is glad this is over and he can move on with his life.

Weber says the sentence may seem light, but his client has suffered other consequences: "the fact Mr. Bshouty lost his employment and essentially his whole life was turned upside-down and he's trying to move on that involves him moving out of this jurisdiction so that's all taken into account by the judge"

Bshouty had pled guilty to drug possession in another case, but no conviction was registered and he has no criminal record related to that charge.

Court was told it was a miniscule amount of MDMA, or extasy, less than a gram valued at less than $20.

Bshouty resigned from the Windsor Police service after being in uniform for 7 years and he has moved out of the area.