Former Windsor Resident Dealing With Fierce Winter Storm In Atlantic Canada

A former Windsor resident living on the east coast describes the impact of the fierce winter storm slamming the Maritimes as dramatic.

Former CTV Windsor News Director Dan Appleby moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia a few years ago and says the strong hurricane-force winds are the worst part of the storm.

"Up to 120km/h gusts so that is incredibly strong damaging winds," says Appleby. "We have a lot of homes that are damaged, a huge storm surge which is causing a lot of flooding."

As of Friday morning, he says 80,000 people are without power and there are concerns heading into the weekend with lows of -17C.

"As it gets colder through the weekend, huge concern over frozen pipes and burst pipes and that kind of thing and safety for seniors who don't have heat."

Crews are expected to take most of the weekend to restore power.

Although Nova Scotia has been spared major snowfall amounts, he says New Brunswick and Cape Breton have been pounded with snow.

The Confederation Bridge to PEI has also been closed.