Four Community Groups Share Thoughts On Proposed 2018 Budget

Four community groups funded by the United Way are sharing their thoughts and ideas for the 2018 budget.

Members from the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative along Ford City Neighbourhood, Our West End Neighbourhood and The Initiative: Glengarry to Marentette met at Cardinal Place in west-Windsor to go over the proposed document.

They highlighted key budget issues and asked questions as Councillors Holt, Elliott, Bortolin and Sleiman were all in attendance.

Gillian Benoit is chair of the Ford City Neighbourhood group. She says it was important to attend the meeting and hear from the other groups and their needs.

Benoit says it's important all the groups work together during budget deliberations.

"I think to be effective is to connect with the other neighbourhoods and make sure that the issues that are across all areas are definitely targeted and also to make sure that we're supporting each other."   


Councillors Sleiman, Elliott, Holt and Bortolin hear from community groups about the 2018 budget (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)


Benoit says Ford City will be pushing for a few items.

"I would like to see each councillor have discretionary vouchers to make sure that we can combat the illegal dumping which is the reason we went after the bulk item pick-up in the first place last," says Benoit.  "So I feel we're really moving on that issue. The cat voucher program I want that to continue. I would like to see bike lanes enhanced."  

Benoit says she was glad the councillors were on hand to answer questions.

"I think meeting with the councillors really puts into prospective where we're all at neighbourhood wise and how the city is looking at the bike lanes, what they're willing to put in, how much can we help," says Benoit.  "Like we kind of could do some give and take now that we can sit down with the councillors and actually get a realistic view of where the money is coming from, where can we dip from."  

Benoit says she will also be in attendance when the city starts its budget deliberations on Monday.

The proposed budget calls for a 2.6% increase.