Free Bus Rides Return for Ford Fireworks

Transit Windsor will once again be offering free rides to the Ford Fireworks thanks to Zehrs.

The grocery store is sponsoring the rides for the 11th straight year with a $15,000 contribution.

Pat Delmore is Executive Director of Transit Windsor.

He says without the financial help, the rides would not be free.

"Our operating budget is based on the service that we provide," says Delmore.  "So anything over and above that has to be recouped in the revenue and the fares so we would be having to charge rides.  It would be a higher than a normal ride because it's outside of the regular service that we provide.  "So we wouldn't be able to do this without that contribution." 

Last year 25,000 people took advantage of the free rides.

Delmore says all city buses will be free from 6pm until midnight.

There will also be free shuttles from Devonshire Mall.

This year's Ford Fireworks happen on Monday June 24th.

The show begins at 9:55pm.